Here's a Olive Wood Epoxy Resin Ocean Waves Beach Art Unique Wall Clock to remind you time is precious & more valuable than anything;
The time is limitless, you are forever!!

Don’t you want to be the ‘Master of Time’ by hanging a wonderful Wood Wall Clock uniquely designed for you?

Depends on your choice with Resin Ocean Waves or without Resin Ocean Waves and the natural shape and texture of Olive Wood is going to take you beyond into your dreams where Nature and Ocean meet.

You imagine and let's design together!

It’s my expertness to make Epoxy Resin Ocean Waves and Wood Resin Wall Clock that my pleasure to share my work with you describe the colors, sizes, design, details you want to us or even send the photo and I will produce the most similar one for you.

I will share photos and videos with you step by step during the production.

==> The Resin Wall Clocks in the image are all natural Olive Wood pieces.

==> The clockwork is silent. Hour and minute hands are metal.

==> I will also send you spare clock mechanism and clock hands just in case.

==> The thickness of the beauty Olive Wood & Resin Wall Clock is about 1 inc.

Handmade with Love !! <==

The production process may vary depending on the content of your design, but on average it will be completed within 5-15 days

Please note that these products are completely handmade and cannot be completely copied, so It’s going to be look alike but not going to be exactly the same.

For any other questions and concerns please contact me.

I'm here for you!!!

Cheers and Greetings from Northernmost!!
OliveWoodResinArt- Deniz Cem

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